what's the point of life?

I think God wants to let people know life isn't a game. When you really think about it don't you think He wants to let people know life isn't just all about having fun? I think He wants life to be a great adventure or a great lesson.
God can deliver us the worst day in history but you just have to know it isn't all that bad; He'll still be by your side, the bad days will pass, life isn't perfect.
I don't really know where I'm getting at but just think about life.
I have had numerous talks with people about what the true meaning of life is. I truly believe the meaning of life is to serve God and witness; it says in the Bible to spread the word and tell others about Him.
I've had people tell me there is no God, they'll say, "How do you even believe that, no one can do that!" I just have to say, that's why it's called faith, that's what I believe, this is who I live for.
Take a step back and look at life and try to see what God makes of it.

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