the universe

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A day of working at the basketball games at church. I'm exhausted. I was talking to http://musicandmissions.blogspot.com/. She gave me some really good ideas to write about. Here you go, your dose of the day!

So the universe; it's totality, never ending, not comprehend-able and so much more. There is no "wall" in space, it's a never ending span of blackness filled with things unimaginable. Dictionary.com says this:
the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm.
the whole world, esp. with reference to humanity: a truth known throughout the universe.

When I think of the universe I think of God's love. It might sound kind of cheesy but his love is never ending just as the universe is.
When I think of something that big it really does scare me. Such a power can only make something like that.

I want to know what comes to mind when you hear the word universe. Please, leave your comments, I want to know what you think of.
For you non-believers, who do you think made something so big? Even life on Earth is amazing; doesn't the universe as a whole put you in awe?

I just can't believe God thought up of this idea. He made it and we can't even comprehend it!

Please leave your comments! I would love to hear from readers!


watch what you say!

Friday!!!! This week went by slow but when I look back on it all, it's all over and there's a new week to come!
Don't you or didn't you just love being in high school? *sarcasm*
The drama, the gossip, the homework; do you want me to go on? Yea, I have to admit there are some perks about it like the people you meet, but other than that...I can't think of anything.
Anyone hearing about the whale incident at Sea World? Supposedly a girl got drowned by a whale, it pulled her under. It's amazing how rumors get spread so easily and quickly. At school the story was she got eaten by a whale. Ridiculous? I think so.

I think in the past everyone has said things they didn't mean. I have learned the hard way not to "sass" to my parents or say things to friends. You have to learn the hard way, it's part of life. Everyone has done at least one thing they want to take back, now what will you do with that thing you regret saying? Think about those things you have said. Save yourself and make things right. Just know that a few simple words can change your whole future. You can't always say what you want, sometimes you have to bite your tongue. Watch what you say.



Guess what?! It's Thursday and the week is almost over!!!
For those of you who don't know, I do tweet!!!

"Crazy Love", by Francis Chan. It's a book all about loving God.
Now, I am a high school student. At school I see people claim they are Christians constantly. I see people who say they are a Christian, then the next word out of their mouth is cuss, swearing, foul language, cursing, using profanity, etc.
This book points out that God would want to "barf up" a lukewarm so called "Christian".
One of my friends at school says she is a Christian, yet she swears constantly! I ask her if she wants a good reputation; of course she says yes. So stop giving yourself a bad reputation! Having a dirty mouth doesn't make you look good, or cool, or whatever you think it does!

You might say, "Well doesn't God's grace save us?" You can't accept Christ, and say that you'll live for him, then go off and be lukewarm or do everything against a bible.
When you marry someone and you say, will death do us part, you can't go and commit adultery!
Enough with being lukewarm! Act like you say you act! Act they way Jesus would want you to act. Don't you want a good reputation?



Ahhhh, Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week, now I know the week is moving! The first week back from break is always tough, right?

I went with my youth group to a camp over break just for the weekend. The theme was "Live Love".
The whole weekend we were taught how the word "love" is thrown around so much. I am no hypocrite, I have to admit I throw it around way to much. You know what I'm talking about? When you say, "Love 'ya!" to some one you hardly know in the hallway; you don't actually mean it!
Love shouldn't be just thrown out in the open. This word, love, it has such a strong, powerful meaning to it yet we don't even pay attention to what we're saying!
Why do words have to get tossed around so easily these days?
Even the word hate gets too much attention.

My point is, why do people focus on these words so much? Why do these words constantly have to come out of these peoples mouths? When will they get the fact of the matter that those words aren't to be used to easily?

God is the definition of love.
Stop using these words so regularly, with out passion, and so freely.


my story

Alright, Tuesday. One of the hardest days of the week, probably the hardest. Just because you are now in the week, no where near the end.

At church this week Pastor asked us to type up our testimony for him because he would really enjoy reading them. My story isn't like others -- I didn't undergo a drastic change or anything like that. Here it is:

I was born into a very active church family. We never missed anything church related, or that's what it seemed like; and I thank then for that. The only reason we would miss church was if we were "dieing". I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart at a very young age, I was in elementary school. 4 years later I got baptized and became a member of Warren Woods Baptist Church. Yes, I did all of the motions and I meant them, but it wasn't until I was 12 that I actually became very close to God.
In Ridgecrest, North Carolina at a camp called X-fuge I began to "notice" God; I began to yearn for a relationship with Him. Ever since that summer, I have grown immensely in my relationship with Christ and am still growing.

That's my story. It's nothing ridiculous, I didn't make a HUGE transformation, but I can say, it's my story. This is my life.
Some people may be thinking, "O those Christians, you act like you have perfect lives." It's not true. My life isn't perfect by any means but it's just so much better because I live for the one who made this galaxy we live in today.
Honesty, wouldn't you want to live for the one who loves you more than anything in the world? Wouldn't you want to live for the one who created you?! Just think about those questions.

Thank you for all of the comments you guys have left!!!


I got a comment on this picture last night, how beautiful it is. If people really like it this much then maybe you will too! Please leave comments!!!
So I'm back at school; break is over. Of course, last night and the whole day today it just had to snow but no snow-day. But whatever, school is over and I'm home. Time to sit down, eat some ice cream, and blog.

I told you readers that I like to write, so here you go...

My fingers slide along the keys of the piano, my body becomes lighter.
The stress leaking from my pores. As each string vibrates the weight lifts off my shoulders.
The piano relieves all stress, it evaporates.
As my fingers touch chose keys and take charge of the piano I feel powerful, the music just flows out of my finger tips.

How precious, how divine is the future which stands weak in front of us?
A future worth nothing but of a gift you can't open.
The true gift is living up to that future.
Will we make it until then?
There could be nothing but our souls left in the matter of seconds.
Who knows when our time is up but God?
Live up to today.
The impression you make on the world is what counts.
Tomorrow doesn't matter.
Live your life today before it's too late.

The first one speaks for itself. This second one is about how you never know how long you are going to live. You could die anytime. You can't keep thinking ahead into your future, God can take your life anytime. So live in today, live in the moment. Use your time wisely and don't procrastinate. Next...

There is this hole in your heart I'm trying to fix.
You're missing something important.
Your life is one puzzle,
missing pieces awaited to be found.
This love so deep,
it has patience like no other.
We stand,
wait for you to figure this out.
you're not alone,
we're here to help.

This is about witnessing. These people we witness to, it's as if they have a hole in their heart, they are missing something important.

I know I'm not the greatest writer ever but it relieves stress and it's kinda...fun! Thanks for keeping up guys!
Post #3 over and out.


a love hard to imagine

I think I have a new obsession. Photography. It seems as if I'm CONSTANTLY looking for new ideas; then after all of the ideas come to mind, I'm on overload. They come and come, while time goes and goes. It's not only taking the picture but editing it; you get a whole different view, a whole different voice, after it has been edited. The love for photography has grown on me also because you can look at the picture anyway you want. It's you, being creative, seeing the picture and making up a story.

So today is Sunday, which means church!
I found this quote in the book I'm reading (Just Walk Across the Room).

"Most people think of Christianity as a scale. All of the bad things you've ever done sit on one side, and all of your good deeds sit on the other. In this scenario, life's ultimate goal becomes working to load as many good things as possible on your scale so that by the time you draw your final breath, things lean in the right direction. Most people think they'll wind up sitting pretty in the next world --if they even believe in a 'next world' --as long as they can get the scales tilted right. While this may seem right, the Bible teaches that this is not what life's about at all! God basically says that we could never tilt the scales enough to be found acceptable by him. But because he loves us so much, he didn't leave us without hope. God says that we can accept what his Son did dying on a cross for our sin, paying for every bad deed we have ever committed and will ever commit. Then, by the power of his love, we'll be accepted by him and will spend all of eternity by his side."

There is a love stronger than any of you readers can imagine. If any of you readers have kids, can you imagine letting he/she die because some stranger sinned? Jesus died because we sinned. If we just live for Jesus and all that He has done for us you have the gift of spending eternity in Heaven. You can't earn your way to Heaven.


the beginning

Alright first blog, here I am. I'm sitting here with Colombian coffee in my hand, thinking of what to write. I have so much to say!

Some of you may be a little confused on the whole "just a walk across the room" theme. Well I'm reading a book right now called "Just a Walk Across the Room". It's by Bill Hybels. It's about witnessing to others, talking to others about Jesus Christ. It just takes a walk across the room to do so.

So, this book has inspired to me. It's not all going to be about witnessing so don't draw a conclusion quite yet.

This blog is going to be my adventure. If you are ever "attached" to this blog, you have to know that art, any type, is what I'm all about. Drawing and photography is what I'm mostly interested in. I like to think I can write, but lets be realistic here, I just write for my amusement. Art just adds so much more to life, it makes life fun.
Photography - I get to capture a site never seen, I get to freeze a moment in time.
Drawing - I get to love on what God has made. I get to make it look like what I imagine it to be.

I'll be posting some of my work on here. So do me a favor and keep on reading "just a walk across the room"!!!