It's all about love

You're the one worth living for.
You bring the dark of the night and the light of the day.
You are enough for me.
The cross made of love drips blood from above.
Still more love than I could ever find.
You satisfy me.
The search for good has ended.
You are the definition of love,
the Alpha Omega,
the Start and Finish.
Heavens gates are open wide for you and I.

Why hate?
Why not love?
To comfort and love is all that is needed.
The hatred speaks to no one.
The tricks, the deceiving lies.
How can this be?
To worship such a monster lets me know how much the world is in trouble.
The world needs our help.
To rescue, to love, to hold in my arms the devastation of today.
The vein eyes of treason.
Red skin of hate and anger.

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