our representatives

Before, this blog was simple to keep up with, then again, I was on mid winter break. It's hard to get a good 40 minutes to sit down and pour out what's on my mind, plus keep the readers attention. But, here I am again, working on this post, hopefully I'll make something of this.

There are so many different things that are wrong with this world. I know, you probably are thinking, "Wow, what a downer. Way to be optimistic, not!" I'm just pointing these things out so we can take a step back. For instance, we send representatives to Washington D.C. to represent us, yet they try to pass a health care plan that we don't want! What's with that? How are they supposed to represent us and just say what they want, not what we want?!

Here is "Gravity" by John Mayer singing at the concert I went to 2 nights ago.

Thanks again!

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