Church these days

It's Saturday, a good day. I'm slaving away at homework, time is passing.
The homework I am "slaving away" at is a report for English. I'm doing mine on Dorothea Lange, a photographer. As I'm learning more and more about her I am so surprised and disappointed. She has gotten divorced and re-married; she puts her work -photography- before her kids, and she is stubborn. I don't look at her as a roll model, I look at her as inspiration. Her photography is ridiculous. Instead of posting one of the pictures have taken, today I posted one of hers.

I'm Southern Baptist. Honestly, one of the things that really bothers me is how people think of church these days. People think we sing hymns, wear funny outfits, it's very formal (too formal), etc. I have had people ask me if I am allowed to dance and/or wear jewelry! I'm not saying that it's wrong if you do those things I'm just saying the church I attend isn't like that. It just needs to be known that not all churches are like that.
My church sings contemporary music, most people wear jeans to church, we dance like southern baptist people should, and we wear jewelry. We are like any other person in this world.
Hollywood has given you this idea that church is this retched place where you aren't good enough for anyone there. Don't base church off of Hollywood.

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