Faith in things you can't see

In social studies we were learning about scientific theories. My teacher made a good point that I really thought about.

He said, 'If you see a sign that has the words "wet paint" written on it what are you going to do? Go over to the sign and touch it! But why? What makes us want to touch the "wet paint"? We want to know whether or not the sign is true or not. It's the idea of wondering and testing if what it says is true. You don't trust that sign.
Humans always have to know that truth, we always have to see it.
I don't always have to "see it to believe it" or even touch it to believe it. I believe in God but I can't see Him or touch Him. I know He's there but I can't see Him. It's faith, I have faith He is here with me. He shows each of us in different ways that He is real.
It's not very persuasive, me saying that I can't see my God but I still believe in Him. But lets be honest here, it's obvious you can't see God. Nope, it's not convincing, but He is real. I hope you might have the faith I have.
Just for instance, nature. Who could honestly make mountains 10,000 feet tall, oceans so wide, and trees so high? Only one true God could do that.
I have faith He is true even though I can't see Him or touch Him skin to skin. Hopefully you have the faith I have.

Look at the pictures above. Who could make scenes so beautiful? Do you think they just appeared?


  1. Yeah. We learned about it in science.
    Plates moving make mountains.