What makes parents cool?

Ahhh! Today was pretty crazy, bad thing after bad thing happened. I got my backpack showered with pink lemonade, my backpack was sticky the rest of the day. Then I took a pop quiz that we could use our notes on and I took my notes on the wrong section. On top of those two things I just had to be a klutz today; hitting my knees on chairs, getting my feet stepped on, etc. It was over all just a long, tiring day.
Now that you have heard me complain, you're probably asking yourself what the point is of this story. The point is this, after I had a pretty rough day at school I know that God gives us good and bad days because he doesn't want us to take the good ones for granted. There is a reason for bad days!

What makes parents cool?
When I was in elementary school and I saw other kids parents, I wished those parents were my own. Those parents just seemed so fun! They let their kids do whatever they wanted! I thought they were so cool. Now that I've grown up and have seen my classmates grow up I'm glad I stuck with my parents.
What makes parents cool is when they are real, when they love their children unconditionally and when they walk with God.
For everyone to hear, no parent will ever be perfect. They are allowed to make mistakes.
I don't know about your parents, but mine are cool.


  1. you totally did this for me. ur kinda rightt... i guess. im still mad at my mom tho >.<
    luv, ur bestie!!

  2. she is just trying to make you happy and herself happy so you'll all be happy. Just respect the dicisions she makes.