the universe

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A day of working at the basketball games at church. I'm exhausted. I was talking to http://musicandmissions.blogspot.com/. She gave me some really good ideas to write about. Here you go, your dose of the day!

So the universe; it's totality, never ending, not comprehend-able and so much more. There is no "wall" in space, it's a never ending span of blackness filled with things unimaginable. Dictionary.com says this:
the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm.
the whole world, esp. with reference to humanity: a truth known throughout the universe.

When I think of the universe I think of God's love. It might sound kind of cheesy but his love is never ending just as the universe is.
When I think of something that big it really does scare me. Such a power can only make something like that.

I want to know what comes to mind when you hear the word universe. Please, leave your comments, I want to know what you think of.
For you non-believers, who do you think made something so big? Even life on Earth is amazing; doesn't the universe as a whole put you in awe?

I just can't believe God thought up of this idea. He made it and we can't even comprehend it!

Please leave your comments! I would love to hear from readers!


  1. What do I think? I think of beauty and awe. The universe is amazing and undiscovered. The sci-fi in me wonders and longs for things yet to be discovered. I can't imagine that a God who created such wonderous detail here on earth just left the universe full of stars and galaxies. What is truly out there? I can't wait to get to heaven and find out if it was just empty blackness filled with trillions of stars and unknown galaxies or maybe something more.
    I guess in comparison to God's love, yeah it can be scary; something so vast and undiscovered. But think about it, like space there is so much to see, learn and discover along the way. It truly will take an eternity to explore God and His love and what fun, joy and excitement will be had along the way!

  2. wow, i like your perspective and thank you so much for commenting!