Ahhhh, Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week, now I know the week is moving! The first week back from break is always tough, right?

I went with my youth group to a camp over break just for the weekend. The theme was "Live Love".
The whole weekend we were taught how the word "love" is thrown around so much. I am no hypocrite, I have to admit I throw it around way to much. You know what I'm talking about? When you say, "Love 'ya!" to some one you hardly know in the hallway; you don't actually mean it!
Love shouldn't be just thrown out in the open. This word, love, it has such a strong, powerful meaning to it yet we don't even pay attention to what we're saying!
Why do words have to get tossed around so easily these days?
Even the word hate gets too much attention.

My point is, why do people focus on these words so much? Why do these words constantly have to come out of these peoples mouths? When will they get the fact of the matter that those words aren't to be used to easily?

God is the definition of love.
Stop using these words so regularly, with out passion, and so freely.


  1. Courtney, I so enjoy reading your blog. You have such depth to you! I still think of that little girl I knew you as, but clearly you have matured.
    Do you take the photos that you post?

  2. Wow, thanks! huge compliment! yes, the pictures I post I take and I love it!
    I try to get into depth to attract readers like yourself!