I got a comment on this picture last night, how beautiful it is. If people really like it this much then maybe you will too! Please leave comments!!!
So I'm back at school; break is over. Of course, last night and the whole day today it just had to snow but no snow-day. But whatever, school is over and I'm home. Time to sit down, eat some ice cream, and blog.

I told you readers that I like to write, so here you go...

My fingers slide along the keys of the piano, my body becomes lighter.
The stress leaking from my pores. As each string vibrates the weight lifts off my shoulders.
The piano relieves all stress, it evaporates.
As my fingers touch chose keys and take charge of the piano I feel powerful, the music just flows out of my finger tips.

How precious, how divine is the future which stands weak in front of us?
A future worth nothing but of a gift you can't open.
The true gift is living up to that future.
Will we make it until then?
There could be nothing but our souls left in the matter of seconds.
Who knows when our time is up but God?
Live up to today.
The impression you make on the world is what counts.
Tomorrow doesn't matter.
Live your life today before it's too late.

The first one speaks for itself. This second one is about how you never know how long you are going to live. You could die anytime. You can't keep thinking ahead into your future, God can take your life anytime. So live in today, live in the moment. Use your time wisely and don't procrastinate. Next...

There is this hole in your heart I'm trying to fix.
You're missing something important.
Your life is one puzzle,
missing pieces awaited to be found.
This love so deep,
it has patience like no other.
We stand,
wait for you to figure this out.
you're not alone,
we're here to help.

This is about witnessing. These people we witness to, it's as if they have a hole in their heart, they are missing something important.

I know I'm not the greatest writer ever but it relieves stress and it's kinda...fun! Thanks for keeping up guys!
Post #3 over and out.


  1. Nice job with the photos- You're really talented!

  2. Keep writing! You have much to say and God has much to say through you! Very thought provoking!