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"Crazy Love", by Francis Chan. It's a book all about loving God.
Now, I am a high school student. At school I see people claim they are Christians constantly. I see people who say they are a Christian, then the next word out of their mouth is cuss, swearing, foul language, cursing, using profanity, etc.
This book points out that God would want to "barf up" a lukewarm so called "Christian".
One of my friends at school says she is a Christian, yet she swears constantly! I ask her if she wants a good reputation; of course she says yes. So stop giving yourself a bad reputation! Having a dirty mouth doesn't make you look good, or cool, or whatever you think it does!

You might say, "Well doesn't God's grace save us?" You can't accept Christ, and say that you'll live for him, then go off and be lukewarm or do everything against a bible.
When you marry someone and you say, will death do us part, you can't go and commit adultery!
Enough with being lukewarm! Act like you say you act! Act they way Jesus would want you to act. Don't you want a good reputation?

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