a love hard to imagine

I think I have a new obsession. Photography. It seems as if I'm CONSTANTLY looking for new ideas; then after all of the ideas come to mind, I'm on overload. They come and come, while time goes and goes. It's not only taking the picture but editing it; you get a whole different view, a whole different voice, after it has been edited. The love for photography has grown on me also because you can look at the picture anyway you want. It's you, being creative, seeing the picture and making up a story.

So today is Sunday, which means church!
I found this quote in the book I'm reading (Just Walk Across the Room).

"Most people think of Christianity as a scale. All of the bad things you've ever done sit on one side, and all of your good deeds sit on the other. In this scenario, life's ultimate goal becomes working to load as many good things as possible on your scale so that by the time you draw your final breath, things lean in the right direction. Most people think they'll wind up sitting pretty in the next world --if they even believe in a 'next world' --as long as they can get the scales tilted right. While this may seem right, the Bible teaches that this is not what life's about at all! God basically says that we could never tilt the scales enough to be found acceptable by him. But because he loves us so much, he didn't leave us without hope. God says that we can accept what his Son did dying on a cross for our sin, paying for every bad deed we have ever committed and will ever commit. Then, by the power of his love, we'll be accepted by him and will spend all of eternity by his side."

There is a love stronger than any of you readers can imagine. If any of you readers have kids, can you imagine letting he/she die because some stranger sinned? Jesus died because we sinned. If we just live for Jesus and all that He has done for us you have the gift of spending eternity in Heaven. You can't earn your way to Heaven.


  1. What a remarkable young woman! I hope I'm like you when/if I grow up.

  2. hey court... yeah u should already know thats its mee ;] ur best friend everr haha. this is really greatt, im thinking of starting my own blog, like u said i should. not sure what ill use it for, but whatever. i just cant tell my mom :/ haha. lovee youu