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Alright, Tuesday. One of the hardest days of the week, probably the hardest. Just because you are now in the week, no where near the end.

At church this week Pastor asked us to type up our testimony for him because he would really enjoy reading them. My story isn't like others -- I didn't undergo a drastic change or anything like that. Here it is:

I was born into a very active church family. We never missed anything church related, or that's what it seemed like; and I thank then for that. The only reason we would miss church was if we were "dieing". I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart at a very young age, I was in elementary school. 4 years later I got baptized and became a member of Warren Woods Baptist Church. Yes, I did all of the motions and I meant them, but it wasn't until I was 12 that I actually became very close to God.
In Ridgecrest, North Carolina at a camp called X-fuge I began to "notice" God; I began to yearn for a relationship with Him. Ever since that summer, I have grown immensely in my relationship with Christ and am still growing.

That's my story. It's nothing ridiculous, I didn't make a HUGE transformation, but I can say, it's my story. This is my life.
Some people may be thinking, "O those Christians, you act like you have perfect lives." It's not true. My life isn't perfect by any means but it's just so much better because I live for the one who made this galaxy we live in today.
Honesty, wouldn't you want to live for the one who loves you more than anything in the world? Wouldn't you want to live for the one who created you?! Just think about those questions.

Thank you for all of the comments you guys have left!!!

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  1. I too thought my testimony was boring or just not extraordinary, but everytime I share a portion of my story with someone, Jesus is honored. People have told me very encouraging things and they too have been encouraged and spurred on in their own walk with God.
    Your story with Jesus is unique, meaningful and will be used by God in great ways!