watch what you say!

Friday!!!! This week went by slow but when I look back on it all, it's all over and there's a new week to come!
Don't you or didn't you just love being in high school? *sarcasm*
The drama, the gossip, the homework; do you want me to go on? Yea, I have to admit there are some perks about it like the people you meet, but other than that...I can't think of anything.
Anyone hearing about the whale incident at Sea World? Supposedly a girl got drowned by a whale, it pulled her under. It's amazing how rumors get spread so easily and quickly. At school the story was she got eaten by a whale. Ridiculous? I think so.

I think in the past everyone has said things they didn't mean. I have learned the hard way not to "sass" to my parents or say things to friends. You have to learn the hard way, it's part of life. Everyone has done at least one thing they want to take back, now what will you do with that thing you regret saying? Think about those things you have said. Save yourself and make things right. Just know that a few simple words can change your whole future. You can't always say what you want, sometimes you have to bite your tongue. Watch what you say.

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  1. Wisdom learned at such a young age! Good for you. Remember these truths and hang on to them because as James says the tongue is a powerful thing and not easy to tame!