i guess it's been a while

So much to say for such a long time's absence!

Let's start with me recommending the MacBook Pro. I just bought one and I'm very satisfied with it! Nothing wrong so far :p I got the 13", if you are planning on doing photo-editing you should get a bigger size (15" or 17"). Excellent computer!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I went to church this morning; they had a huge flag up and the whole shabang, it was awesome. It was packed with worship and great music.
The pastor said something that popped out to me. The pastor just got back from Israel on a mission trip; he was saying how he sat in Israel and wept because he was were everything had happened, where Jesus died on the cross, where Noah traveled on the arc he created with his bare hands, etc. But he noticed that you don't have to be in Israel to be where God is and where everything happened; you don't have to travel to Israel to minister to others, you can stay at home and be just as important. Let that be encouragement for you, it encouraged me!

Here's my photos:

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