Changing Lives

It's amazing what a week can do to you, it's amazing what 3 hours can do to you. I went to Williamsburg, Kentucky this past week and came back a different person. We went for MFuge/Mission Fuge. It was with the church youth group I attend. We were going to help out and witness to the people that live there.
When I went there I thought everything in my life was as close to perfect as it could get. I thought I would just go there and worship God and be happy. Nope, not at all.
I went there and was convicted. I was torn apart. I was guilty. I was positive I was doing my best to witness to others, I was positive I was knowing where my life was going but after the Worship Services I wasn't anymore.
The last worship service, the pastor said stand up and say the peoples names that you want to witness to, out loud. I knew I had to, I knew God wanted me to, I knew I had to be obedient. I stood up in front of all 500 people and said my friends names.
In an odd sense it felt amazing to be convicted and amazing to be guilty; I had the guts to say those names, I can't wait to change lives.

When I worship God I feel like I don't need anything else, I feel like I'm whole, I feel love, I am loved and whole. God sent His only son because I sinned; He gave His one love up to be murdered on a cross but yet He still loves me. How can I not worship that?
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Here are some pictures I took, I didn't take many.


  1. Courtney, the same thing happened to me, kinda. I mean, it was almost opposite, but same effect. I hated everything that was going on in my life, but I decided to trust God with everything. And I realized a lot about myself. I'm glad to hear you grew a lot too(: And I missed rooming with you this week. Just saying.